Sunday, July 27, 2008

Osmond's 50th

I had a couple requests to blog about the Osmond Family and Tabernacle Choir Concert that I went to on Friday, July 25th. While I suppose it was a blog worthy event (because really, anything is) this will probably end up just being a bunch of random comments and thoughts. I can't really think of a way to piece it all together in a flowing, sensible manner.

The Osmonds make up a tiny bit of who I am because they are a big part of my mom's family. My mom and her siblings were huge fans, and still are. I have listened to a great deal of their greatest hits and not so great songs over my years. The Osmonds are ok. I like to think of them as a clean Backstreet Boys type of band from the seventies. Most of their songs, and their TV shows were extremely cheesy. I mean, let's face it. The Plan? Yeah. Enough said. However, they are good singers-- no one can deny that there is a lot of talent in their family. The one thing that endears me personally to the Osmonds, and in my opinion gave them their little niche of fame, is their harmonizing ability. My great-grandparents had a record (that our family inherited, much to my delight) of the Osmond Brothers singing as a barbershop quartet back in the 1950's. The oldest of the four brothers at the time was twelve years old, and the youngest was six. It's adorable.

In any event, the purpose of this concert was to celebrate two things: 1. Pioneer Day, and 2. The Osmond's 50 years in show business. As a result, the songs on the program were a mix of pioneer and hertiage songs by the choir, and old favorites from the Osmonds. I went with my dad and his mom, and my brother. Oddly enough, the biggest Osmond fan in our family, my mother, didn't go. That's only because she was in Idaho at the time. No worries though, she's going to see Donny and Marie in Las Vegas in December. Good ole Mom. Commence comments about the

We'll start off with my only complaint. The eight brothers allowed their little sister Marie to take a solo for the evening. I have never been a fan of Marie Osmond. She sang How Great Thou Art. They turned it into a pop arrangement, and she wore a very gaudy dress for the number. Putting all my negative comments and criticisms aside, I didn't care for it.

It was interesting to note that the volume of this concert was much kept down in comparison to rock concerts I've been to. I felt like I couldn't hear! It was kind of funny. I know that the conference center has the capability to knock your socks off, or blow out your ear drums. But, they kept it down to a reasonable level.

My brother and I were familiar with every single "Old Osmond Favorite" from the 70's that they played, including Down By The Lazy River, Yo Yo, and One Bad Apple. We knew that Donny has long since gone through puberty. When it came to the parts where Donny used to have really high solos, we looked at each other and smiled. Those songs won't ever be the same.

While there are nine siblings total in the Osmond family, only seven of them were well known in the world and attained any sort of fame. The two oldest brothers are deaf, or hard of hearing people. Have you ever received a ...oh wait, just kidding. Anyways, for the last number they had those two come up and join the other seven on stage and sign during the song. It was kind of cool.


Joslynn said...

I think it's so cool that you went to that concert! Your familiarity with the Osmonds is actually quite foreign to me. I do not know much of anything about them, except for what you have told me.
I do not, though, think that the Osmonds would much appreciate how adorable you thought their 'chipmunk' voices were.
I really liked this post. It made me smile... keep the posts coming.
Oh my gosh!! My dad is watching this concert as I'm writing this comment. What a coincidence! I can hear Marie singing right now. I don't like it much either.
(It's like rain on your wedding day...)

Melissa said...

My mom was given tickets to this concert. I wonder if she ended up going. Jonny and I like to watch videos of the Osmond brothers from the 70s. High-larious.

Lindsey Brimley said...

So you should do some more blogs cause um your a really good blogger my dear... I LOVE YOU

Nedge said...

Hey, um, you should like, you know, BLOG MORE!!!!!! Talk about um, like, something like, UTAH STATE!!!! We all uh, want to know, uh, like, what the heck is going on in your life???