Friday, December 08, 2006

You Know?

You know you have a problem focusing when A.P. research is spent planning senior pranks and pretending your life is an action movie.

You know you're sick when you fall asleep and wake up without a voice.

You know you're really sick when there is more mucus in your throat than in your nose.

You know you're in trouble when the teacher reads, the class laughs, but you don't.

You know it's going to be a good day when a teacher doesn't show up to class and a sub is nowhere to be found.

You know it's winter when you can't get out of bed for fear of freezing to death.

You know your health's in jeopardy when you can't see the mountains because of the smog.

You know life is good when you're bass is amped.

You know you're bored if you take the time to blog about it.


Abby Norman said...

Aye, aye, aye!!! I'd have to definitely agree with "You know it's winter when you can't get out of bed for fear of freezing to death." I find I'm not on time anymore due to that fear. And I've had few, but wonderful experiences where we didn't even have a sub! Oh, boy, oh, boy... I have one for you:

"You know you're silly if you snort at a sleeping sub."

Joslynn said...

You know your face looks pretty bad when someone says, "You look nauseating."

You know your math grade is horrible when your teacher pulls you aside, gazes with concern in your eyes and asks: "Were you sick during the test?"

You really don't know whether you are hungry or not if your stomach is growling. It doesn't mean a thing.

You know you're crazy when you decorate your bathroom with books, talk to yourself in the mirror, and dance around like a buzzard.

Joslynn said...

You know your English teacher is strange when he makes you wait until dark to write a paper about nothing.

You know you are equally odd when you spend the twinkling hours of a winter evening reading Their Eyes Were Watching God in sub-zero temperatures for the same class.

Michelle said...

Hahaha I love Mr. Davis. He made you do that crazy thing too?! That's awesome. I ended up just writing nonsense and complaining to all how cold it was outside.

Melissa said...

I also sat outside in the dark for Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis rocks.

Joslynn said...

Ba ha! Yes! After reading this post multiple times I at last discovered that you mixed up 'you're' with 'your'.(Concerning the amped bass, which was, by the way, amazing. I was impressed.)
I think you should blog again. It's a bad sign when I've read your latest addition so many times that I basically have it memorized.

Chipmunk Cheeks said...

It's about time you noticed that typing error. I think I originally put "You know life is good when you're amped", but then changed it to make a little more sense. I'm sorry that you have this post memorized. It's pretty lame. Did I tell you about what happened while I was out on my porch reading for Mr. Davis? Kind of funny.

Joslynn said...

No... tell me! Tell me!

Joslynn said...

Except, I do know that you yelled at me while you were reading that wretched Return to Me book. Is that what happened?
I hope you got some weird looks.

Brittany said...

While out on the porch reading Their Eyes Were Watching God/Return to Me (take your pick), about 3 SBO's came down my street for Sub-4-Santa. As soon as Jesse Hancock saw me, he came running across the street and said, "What the heck are you doing?" at the top of his lungs. I told them the truth, and they all just gave me a blank look. One of the girls broke the silence by informing me that she thought that I was a hobo just hanging out on a random porch. They all chimed in in agreement. I don't know if it was embarassing, or funny. You decide.

Joslynn said...

They called you a hobo? That's awesome!
I wasn't aware of a large population of homeless people in South Jordan. Perhaps we should make up for the lack of it by starting a Hobo Club-- TSJSH-- The South Jordan Society of Hobos. I'll bring the cardboard box and you bring the flannel shirts. We can sit in the corner of a dark ally and strum notes on my guitar and play blues for money on a harmonica. It will be great fun!
I must warn you, however, not to take anything Jesse Hancock says too seriously. He is a crazy duck, after all.
He would probably be the third official member of our club.

Abby Norman said...

Hey, what about me??? I live at a pool, after all...

Joslynn said...

Jesse Hancock would be our fourth official member-- after we initiate Natalie Edge.
She comes first.

Joslynn said...

You have no right to suggest new posts for my blog unless you add to yours-- that is an unspoken rule.
Give us more thoughts and insights from the genius of Brittany's brain!

Abby Norman said...


Joslynn said...

'Shakurass'... is he Moroccan?

Anonymous said...

Brittany Doyle please write a new blog.

Brittany said...

I take it you're all sick of seeing "You Know?" pop up everytime you open my blog.

Joslynn said...

And I would imagine that you would be too, if you even check your blog at all.
We're all impatient little rats.

Brittany said...

Actually, I check my blog almost everyday. I'm sick of seeing You Know probably more then you are, you know? But I can't seem to blog anymore. Got nothing to blog about, really.

Tell ya'll what. What would you like to read? What do you want me to blog about for you? And you'd better be specific, or you'll get nothing for awhile.

Joslynn said...

Buh... buh... booty! Ghetto booty!
And there you have it.

Joslynn said...

The only reason you don't blog prolifically is that you are,
a. Busy
b. Occupying your time otherwise
c. Holding things back
Please don't continue to practice number c. It is obvious that the readers of The Sweetest Thing will adore anything you write, because you wrote it. However, as you exist to please your audience, I have a few suggestions:

We always like hearing your childhood recollections and memories, especially the happy ones concerning Redwall.
You know what I'm talking about.

Write about the crazy things you've done in the past-- like how you made Mr. Misco growl twice or how we got in trouble by Mr. Edmunds or how you crawled onto my balcony like a spider monkey. Wait! That has already been done... What was your point of view, then? Tell us your thoughts and feelings. You always have a cartload of good stories. My suggestion is to accumulate all your magnificent tales that are difficult to recount out loud and record them in one central location. (On your blog.) This way you can add all the tiny details and fringes at your leisure.
But just for the record you should also probably record the priceless ones for posterity purposes.
So either way, just tell us some stories!

Write about adventures at your grandparent's house in Ephraim. You gave me a list-- I want to hear them, or see them, or read them! You could even blog about your siblings. If something odd happens, or Brianna says something funny or Brandon does... something, you should write it down.

You could blog about your dog. Write about how long you've had him, and how he follows that little patch of sun in your living room as it moves throughout the day.

Blog about school, and silly things you say, or feelings of embarrassment or anger or happiness that you experience.

Blog about the bane of both our existences: JSO.

And if all else fails you can blog about me, and how I left you the longest comment ever.

Joslynn said...

Okay, ready?
1...2...3... blog!

Brenda said...

For the record I check your blog too. I find it well uneventfull so I usually don't leave a comment but because I am procrastinating homework I will leave a comment. Okay so I don't have a comment on the you know stuff, but I do have comment on other stuff. I saw Mckenzie today and I was going to ask her about the Lord of the Spit thing but Clark was casting glances around the room and she left before J.S.O. was over. Care to tell me what it means. You know you should write a blog about it. Why your nick name is Lord of the Spit. There you go. Or you could write about the eventfull things you were doing this fine Tuesday afternoon while you were not at J.S.O. Well I for one think this is the longest comment I have ever written and so I will have to say good-bye for now.

Abby Norman said...


That's what my inner beast is saying. I would love it if you would blog on... your most embarrassing moment in your life. (Just kidding! You don't have to...but it'd be rad!) Any more bizarre encounters with that basketball coach?

Joslynn said...

(When you get the time, of course.)

Joslynn said...

Blog about being an Anglophile-- it's a good train, better get on it!

Brittany said...

I feel a post coming on, believe it or not. Sometimes before I had a blog, I'd get this weird feeling and think, "Hey, I could blog about this if I had a blog." Well, I got that same feeling yesterday. Problem is, I'm not sure what to post on. Hmmm...well, we'll have to see. Stay tuned.

Joslynn said...

Does this have something to do with HOSA? What about your love of peppermint ice cream? (Or just ice cream period...) Is that not what induced you to join in the first place?
I know you want to share it, bloggin sista!

Joslynn said...

You're wounding my soul.