Friday, July 07, 2006

Grade Goons

I promise that I'm not some nerd who calendars in the birthdays of the Beatles. I just remember when they are, and for some reason I seem to blog on those days, though usually not for the sole purpose of acknowledging them. This post wasn't intended to be about Ringo. And it won't be. I'm just going to give him the spotlight for a few seconds, and then I'll get on to what I came here for in the first place. Today, July 7th, is Richard Starkey's birthday. He is 66 years old I believe. To be honest, I'm surprised that he is still alive. He's the oldest of the Beatles, had the most health problems throughout his life, smoked heavily with the rest of them, but he's still around to tell the tale. Pretty nifty. Happy Birthday Ringo.

The real reason I'm here is to say that I'm sick of grade goons. Grade goons are people who are obsessed with getting the best scores in the class, and go around to everyone saying, "Wha'dja get?Wha'dja get?" or "How do you think you did?" to make sure that they're better then everyone else. I know that some people really are just curious, and have no intention of using you to boost their self-esteem. But there are a few that I have to avoid on test days because it gets so annoying.

I used to be one of these goons myself. I really would ask certain people about every assignment and test, just to make sure I did better. I would have thoughts like, "Oh. Well, if I do better then him, that doesn't matter because he's stupid. But if I do better then her, then I must be really smart." Horrible, I know, but I guess I was that insecure. I'm not like that at all anymore. I hate comparing scores with others.

I totally forgot that the grade goons would come around after school was over, because this summer, we get our AP scores back. Curse those stupid things. Everyone says they don't really matter, so why do we act like they do? I don't know. But I haven't enjoyed people going out of their way to make sure they did better then I did. Thank goodness the mailman is late. It's bought me some time and comfort.

Grade goons shouldn't bother me. I know they shouldn't. Why do they then? All I wish to say to them is this: Get a clue. 30 years from now, or heck, even 3 months from now, it won't matter. In fact, it doesn' matter now. So bug off.


Joslynn said...

I can honestly say that those so called 'grade goons' haven't been after me at all. I too do not like telling others my scores, so I do not miss them.
The mailman isn't late. The AP readers have pinned your essays up on the wall of fame. Not shame, fame.

Amber said...

Unfortunately, these people exist in college as well.

Amber said...

Ok I just realized that if you are Michelle's age, then you are IN college. Sorry. I still think of Michelle as a cute little high schooler. Time flies!

Abby Norman said...

Well, well, well...the favorite rant today is: Grade Goons! Yes, I also detest them. I have done AWFUL on my AP tests, and you know what? I don't care! Yeah, the people at my church bragged about their 5's. I just rolled my eyes and thought, "Do they have anything INTERESTING to talk about? Not just grades all the time!!! Even in the summer!" Then I brought up the subject of sniffing remote controls. You know, in the long run, the AP tests really aren't worth it. Yeah, you'll see a lot of people bragging that they're actually starting college as sophomores or juniors, but you watch them, and they're still at college for a full four years! He he. (Well, that's what all my sisters and brother say...) Then there are SO many generals you have to take...if you don't pass the calculus test, you can easily take pre-calc for your math in generals, and easily ace the class. And never take math again. (Unless you're becoming an engineer or me...darn.) But yeah, I agree with Joslynn on this one...the mailman isn't late. They've pinned your essays up on the wall of fame. Sweet.

Brittany said...

I highly doubt that a wall of fame exists.

I'm not in college like Michelle, but still a cute little high school senior. No worries.

Natalie, you should blog about remote control sniffing.

Melissa said...

You can never celebrate the Beatles too much.

Hmmm. The only AP score that seems to come up in conversation is that lovely ONE I got on the Calculus test. The brothers like to rub that one in. Of course, I never took any math in college--never really needed that credit after all. So there, grade goons.

You should have a prepared statement for the next inquiry--something appropriately smug--about the intrinsic value of the human spirit and the arrogance of any attempts to measure the individual mind.

Abby Norman said...

Melissa, I couldn't put it better. If you take how well people scored on tests to measure their intelligence, then you are a fool. That's all I have to say.

Joslynn said...

Of course there isn't a wall of fame Brittanica. I made it up.

Melissa said...

Maybe no wall of fame, but Mr.Crump passes out a sheet with highlights from past AP tests (a blooper reel of sorts). My favorite was the kid who quoted Eliot at the bottom of the essay page

"I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the shores of silent seas."

how appropriate

Brittany said...

You know, Mr. Crump's board kind of silenced the grade goons, because everyone checked it frequently. Yay for Mr. Crump.

If that kid can quote Prufrock, I'll bet he passed the Lit test.

My favorite from that sheet was the kid that said, "And the soldiers moved in faster then you could say Sweet Sassy Molassy!"

Michelle said...

Where is this sheet of infamous test takers. I don't think I got one from Mr. Crump. Or maybe I did and promptly forgot about it.... what was I talking about? I forget.

Brittany said...

I think it's floors instead of shores.

The grade goon said...

And you would be correct Brittany. F- Melissa.


Melissa said...

Oh the agony.

Curse you grade goons!

(scuttles off in shame)