Thursday, May 11, 2006

All talk, and hopefully some action

From what I’ve seen, summer plans have been the hot topic of conversation lately. I thought it would be good to make a list of my plans because the ideas come and go. If I don’t store them somewhere other then my head, I have a feeling they’ll disappear till next summer. So here you have it:

Get a job: Lame, I know. I figure I’m only in high school once, but I’ll spend the rest of my life working in one way or another. Why not live life while I have it? The reason: my parents. Actually, it’s not all that bad I guess. I’m a pro at wasting time, and filling up my schedule tends to eliminate this problem.

Learn the Napoleon Dynamite Dance: Those in attendance would agree that last summer’s attempt to master this art was pathetic and a total flop due to the awkward situation created by an unexpected visit from a certain neighbor’s boyfriend. However, I plan to conquer and succeed this summer. Who’s with me?

Join Marching Band: This is another one of those things I said I would do last summer, but didn’t. What’s more high school then marching band? Exactly. I’ve always fancied the idea of getting really tan from practice, hanging out with the band geeks, toting a big brass instrument, and investigating this so called, “love bus”. We’ll see how this turns out.

Jaw Surgery: The optimistic new surgeon says that my mouth will only be rubber-banded shut for 2 weeks max, and that he can do the single-jaw surgery and bone grafts at the same time. Should be a joy. Heh, just kidding, we have an update. It's booked till September. I would cross this off, but some have made specific comments on it, and it would throw off their numbering system. Can't have that now.

Learn how to read: Be it a book, magazine, newspaper, or cereal box, I plan on picking up the pace and reading it. I’ve decided there are too many benefits connected with reading to not do it more then I do. Too bad it took me all these years to figure that out.

Finish the Beatles: This is probably the trickiest plan, and might end up being the least likely to occur. I don’t think I can be a true fan if I haven’t heard their stuff, even if all of it isn’t great. I figure I have less then 100 to go though, which is really cool.

Become: A pool shark, a badminton bum, a hiking machine, a sudoku pro, and a biking fool. Now that would be TST.

Touch my toes: This is self explanatory. Definitely the most accomplishable. Tis just a matter of doing it. The hard part is getting past my knees.

I figure this list will grow with other tiny adventures as the seconds tick by. I plan on adding to it as they're thought of. Feel free to come along with me on this journey. To all of you out there with plans for the best summer ever, I say this: Good luck, and may the force be with you!


Anonymous said...

i'm with you on the napoleon dance. let's do it. also, as for jobs, you should apply at lifetime fitness. they are hiring a lot of different positions.
we will have to have a lot of different adventures this summer. at least more than last summer!

Brittany said...

Lifetime fitness, eh? Perhaps I'll look into it, anonymous...aka Lindsay.

Melissa said...

Excellent idea here. I may just have to do the same over at my place. But, for now, I'd like to comment on each of your summer plans. For no apparent reason.
#1--Happy hunting
#2--"Got canned heat in my heels tonight baby"
#3--Did you know I formed a secret society in high school called the MBFC (Marching Band Fan Club)?
#4--Ick. It'll be nice to finally have that out of the way.
#5--You just need to find the right material. We'll work on that.
#6--All of it is good. Most of it is great. Come to think of it, there may be a few tracks I'm unfamiliar with. I don't sweat it.
#7--I approve (esp. the badminton bit).

Michelle said...

Remember that time we tried to learn the napoleon dance and I failed miserably? Well, not again!! I want to learn it with ya.

Brittany said...

Melissa, you did tell me a little bit about your MBFC. I remember something about name badges (Captain Campbell?), and a theme song sung to the tune of Weiner Man. Oh how I love the marching band!

Michelle, I remember it well. Let's get to it, and embarrass all these left-footed people.

Announcement to all: I've decided to change the background color everytime there's been a change on the blog, seeing as it's pretty much all I know how to do at the moment.

Brittany said...

Gotta love word verification!

Melissa said...

We love the marching band
They play music better than anyone can.
Oh, how we love the marching band!
The band is their entire life
Someday we'll be their wives.
Oh, how we love the marching band!

We made membership cards. And called each other Major.

I'm not sure why this was so funny.

Melissa said...

Re: Toe Touching

Michelle and I just learned--to our profound amazement--that David is the most flexible of the Campbells. Granted, that's not saying much--but still. He can almost put his foot behind his head. David. David!
Hulking and Flexible.

Who woulda thought?

Brittany said...

That's impressive. I didn'ta thought. But then again, he is the king of somersaults, so it kind of makes sense.