Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marian and Gwen

Meet Marian (facing the camera) and Gwen (the other one with white fur), my two pet fancy rats! They were going to be the last part of my last post (My Green Grass) (I love parentheses), but I decided that they deserve a post of their own.

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would grow to love rodents the way I do, I'm sure I would have doubted you. My brother used to have a hamster, but it was smelly and would bite so I didn't like it much. Being friends with one who adores all things cute and furry is probably what changed me. That was what led me to my first rodents, the two mice Timmy Willy and Finnigan. They were great, but they never really bonded with me. I'm sure that had I let them loose I would never have seen them again. Someone told me that rats will bond and interact with you more, so I wanted to give them a shot.

While Marian and Gwen don't come when I call and are ignorant to the idea of sitting still, they are great pets. Sure, I'd rather have a dog. But for the apartment situation right now, they are the best of what's allowed and are WAY more fun than fish.

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