Wednesday, September 09, 2009

60 Seconds of Magic

I think this day was predestined to be special. As such, it proved worthy of a post.

For some reason, I was able to get up early this morning. 6:50 am. I was up before any of my room mates, actually. This led to me being able to take a shower before anything in my day went down. If only you knew how crazy all of this is. I never shower in the morning--ever. I never get up on time! Even if I've had plenty of sleep the night before (like I did last night), sleeping in just takes its natural course everyday. If sleeping in were an olympic event, I'd be a gold medalist.

8:50 found me showered, makeup'd (miraculous, I know), and dressed. My bed was made (what the?), my schedule for the day planned out on paper, my notes for classes that day reviewed, and my bookbag packed and ready to go. Breakfast would have been consumed at this point, but I'm currently out of food, so all I ate was a measely (which, according to is not a word. You know what I mean.) piece of toast. Classes for the day started at 9:30, so I decided to head over to the bookstore and pick up a manual for Communicable Disease Control , and a notebook for Institute.

This is where things took a nifty turn. While browsing around the bookstore for the most suitable notebook (I'm picky when it comes to these things. It's got to be sturdy, but nothing fancy. Thickish. Preferably smaller than standard size notebooks. Color? Irrelevant.) a voice came over the speakers in the store. "Attention Book Store customers. It is now 9:09 on September 9th in the year 2009. In honor of this special occasion, the first nine customers to purchase at the front will receive a token for a free scoop of icecream! Enjoy!" That announcement alone lifted my already perky spirits. I looked around the store to see if I had a shot at this opportunity for free icecream. I most certainly did. At the checkout counter, I was given the promised token for being the third person to buy something at 9:09. So cool.

The rest of the day proved to be out of the ordinary, and most enjoyable. I stayed awake in each of my lectures, and found them to be interesting and study-provoking. At work, I had tasks to do and was given more to do. I know that sounds strange, but at the lab sometimes you're up to your neck in dirt to work on, and other times there's nothing to do. I need money--bring on the work. At orchestra tonight, aside from playing gorgeous Ralph Vaughn Williams, I was given the opportunity to put my name on a list of private teachers interested in taking on students for music lessons. Maybe something will come of that! Who knows. The greatness continued even then. When I came home from orchestra, my room mates had saved me some fixings from their homemade pizza feast. The pizza was delicious.

9/9/09 will never come again. I'm glad that I was here to see it. The magic sixty seconds of 9:09 only came twice today. I'm looking forward to see if October 10th of next year will be special too. Oh, and by the way, I didn't use up my icecream token today. Since ice cream makes everything better, I think I'll save it for a day with less character, like September 18th, that might end up being a not-so-good day.

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Nedge said...

I love it when you blog!

I'm glad you had an awesome day yesterday. Maybe you ought to get up at seven more often! :)

And I just re-read your post. Hopefully one day I will have a day like that. So far, not even close. I just finished (and started 30 minutes ago) an essay due in class today. I really got to learn how to manage my time better....