Sunday, August 27, 2006

Goodbye Summer

As many of us have acknowledged, summer is over. Tonight's the night we lay awake for hours and think about the first day of school. It's like Christmas, only it stinks in the morning. So I thought I'd wrap up the vacation by thinking back and reporting it's outcome. I posted some summer goals here earlier. Some were met, and others were not.

Get a job: I did get a job. I was hired the last week of school to the local Red Hanger Dry Cleaners staff, and worked for over two months. I took clothes to be cleaned, sorted them into drycleaning and laundry piles, checked all their pockets, undid every button in sight, tagged each individual item of clothing so as not to lose them, entered each one into a computer for identity purposes, and then gave clean clothes back to their owners. Dealing with angry customers was the best. If you want to make a counter person at your drycleaners day, leave them a note of appreciation in your pocket, or a tip. Sadly, I was laid off for requesting "too much time off" for my surgery. I'm still a bit peeved. So, I'm back to being unemployed.

Learn the Napoleon Dynamite Dance: Ha! I kind of forgot about this one. To those of you who were going to join me in this adventure, I apologize. This is the second summer that it's slipped through my fingers. Curses!

Join Marching Band: This one didn't happen either. But it's not exactly my fault. I was surprised to find that my family did not support this idea at all! Even my aunt and grandparents put in a few choice words against it. I felt horrible after that. Making the practices would have been nearly impossible because of my job anyways. Oh well. I'm not disappointed about this at all, really.

Jaw Surgery: I'm happy to report that all went well. There was zero pain in this process, just a lot of discomfort. I now have a tremendously great appreciation for food and the ability to eat it. I believe I came closer to death then I ever have before in my life. The beginnings of a funeral plan were made, heh. Because of the liquid diet, I lost almost 10 pounds. As of right now, my cheeks are still a bit swollen, I can eat almost anything, rubber bands are the only thing holding me back, and my chin is numb. Thank you to those who came to visit or contacted me during my recovery period.

Learn how to read: I read some books. About six to be exact. I was kind of slacker this summer though. The reading didn't make me any smarter, that's for sure.

Finish the Beatles: Oh man. This is hilarious. I don't remember making this goal. While I didn't "finish the Beatles" (whatever that means) I did familiarize myself with more of their tracks, with little help from my friend. I acquired about 80 more of their songs by illegal means, so life is much sweeter now. Also, I checked out the Beatles Anthology from the library, and enjoyed over 11 hours of its footage. Yay for documentaries!

Become: I didn't become much of anything, other than a slug perhaps. Didn't bike, hike, play much pool or solve many sudoku puzzles. What a lame goal.

Touch my toes: Bah ha! Forgot about this one till it was much too late. Much too late. I had a few different dancers try to help me with this one, but it's not working out so well. I'll keep working on it, and maybe in a few years it'll just happen.

Other noteworthy occurances that weren't on the agenda:
  • 10 day trip to Idaho
  • Rodeo in West Yellowstone
  • Many visits with friends
  • Grizzly bear, wolf, and coyote sightings
  • Phone call from Ms. Pratt
  • Glowstick War
  • Superman Albertson's trip
  • Multiple late-night visits to Campbell's
  • Hermy's Concert
  • JAMB girls
  • Del Taco trip in Zorro/Superman/matching sheets costume
  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer slide show


Abby Norman said...

Sweet. Bah! Summer is over! All well. It was inevitable. You made me laugh! Hard! Just listing other things on the agenda has made me wonder what you have been up to. Your post was kind of I don't remember what else I was going to say! Thank you for going to Jos's with me. It was fun. Oh, I remember something! That stinks that you got "laid off" from Red Hanger! Bah! And right after we graduate, we are going to Lagoon to have a "graduation flight".

Joslynn said...

Though you may not be able to touch your toes, Doyle, (not the horse) it looks to me like you had a pretty rocking time. Really. You did a lot of cool things that weren't on the agenda. And, frankly I believe if you'd only stuck to your goals this time off might not have been so exciting.
Thank you for letting me share your summer with you.

Amber said...

Dang, one of my goals, multiple late-night visits to Campbell's, wasn't accomplished. I'm jealous!

Melissa said...

It's all for the best, Amb. I'm afraid Brittany might be emotionally scarred from a few of those visits.

Hope school's going well, Natty.

Brittany said...

Sorry for the long post, Nat. Please, let's not forget about the graduation flight before it's too late!

Jos- Someday I will touch my toes, and when I do, I shall randomly come over to your house in some shirt to be carefully anaylyzed and examined by your mother.

Amber, you should be jealous. You missed out. However, I must admit that Melissa is right. I believe there were only two emotionally scarring moments though. Maybe three.

Just kidding, Magnesium.

Joslynn said...

What did your shirt say? Oh, right. It didn't have words.
I think you'd look just stunning with red hair!

Joslynn said...

I think that you should write another blog.
The End.

Joslynn said...

Oh, and to go along with the other comment, I think you should write the aforesaid blog soon. As in now.

Jeni Cannon said...

a phone call from ms. pratt? crazy. why?

Brittany said...

I called her house about Honors Society, and she wasn't home, so I left a message. She called my house back in about an hour to thank me for letting her know that I couldn't attend a meeting and to wish me luck with my jaw surgery. The end.

Brenda said...

Dear Brittany doyle,
I really like your blog, I think it is wonderfull. Please write more.